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Blue Dot Project Sponsors RegenEarth Studio's Convergence Event

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Nov 4, 2023

Blue Dot Project provides Platinum Sponsorship support for inaugural Convergence event

Miami, FL, November 4, 2023 – The Blue Dot Project, a family of funds committed to investing in planetary regeneration, is excited to announce its Platinum sponsorship of the RegenEarth Studio's inaugural Convergence event, taking place from December 6 to 9, 2023, in Colorado Springs. The event addresses a critical problem: conventional land development practices often involve dividing land into individual lots and structures, which can harm ecosystems, compromise long-term food and water security, and create fragmented community experiences. This traditional approach fails to consider nature's needs, essentially causing harm to ourselves.

In contrast, the RegenEarth Studio represents a paradigm shift. Described as a "radically collaborative DO-tank and living lab," the Studio focuses on nature-directed and regenerative community and real estate development projects. Through collective efforts, comprehensive training programs, a virtual hub, and mentorship, the Studio seeks to create vibrant, equitable, and regenerative communities while restoring ecological balance. It directly tackles the issues of traditional land development by embracing the principles of regenerative design.

Eduardo Esparza, CEO of the Blue Dot Project, highlighted the Studio's pivotal role in forging new regenerative economies. He stated, "The traditional approach to land development often disregards nature, leading to harm. The Studio is all about finding ways to create thriving communities that exist in harmony with living ecosystems."

Eric Amyot, CEO of RegenEarth Studio, emphasized the significance of having the Blue Dot Project as a platinum sponsor, adding, "The partnership with the Blue Dot Project is a significant step forward. They bring the necessary funding perspective, which aligns perfectly with our mission to incubate projects that can drive lasting change, forge equitable and enduring communities, and nurture our planet.”

The Blue Dot Project's commitment to innovative capital structures, including support for investable regenerative community development projects and regeneration technologies, seamlessly complements the Studio's mission. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to shifting the approach to land development toward a more sustainable, regenerative model that safeguards the environment and fosters healthier communities.

The RegenEarth Studio and the Blue Dot Project's collaboration represent a united front against conventional land development practices. Together, they are working to incubate projects that will not only benefit society but also protect our planet, setting a precedent for a more sustainable future.

For more information about the RegenEarth Studio's Convergence event and the partnership with the Blue Dot Project, please visit

About Blue Dot Project:

The Blue Dot Project is a family of funds dedicated to investing in planetary regeneration. They provide funding for investable new regenerative community development projects and technologies that accelerate the success of regenerative community development.

For press inquiries, please contact:

For RegenEarth Studio

Eric Amyot

CEO, RegenEarth Studio

For Blue Dot Project

Eduardo Esparza

CEO, Blue Dot Project

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