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Welcome to
The Studio

Who We Are

Welcome to the RegenEarth Studio, where we are revolutionizing global connections and collaboration in service of accelerating the development of vibrant, regenerative communities that harmonize with nature. As a dynamic DO-tank, we don't just talk – we take action. Together, our global members turn visionary ideas into tangible, on-the-ground realities. Our Living Lab approach puts us at the forefront of regenerative real estate and community development, where we thrive on nature-inspired innovation, creative experimentation, and breaking through outdated regulations to usher in a new way of living on Earth. 


With the Studio as the catalyst and container, our community of key members convenes virtually and in-person to initiate, incubate, and implement regenerative projects. Our robust frameworks, comprehensive training programs, virtual hub, project management, and mentorship guide project teams towards focused success. We nurture a diverse ecosystem of individuals, ideas, and resources, connecting vetted and de-risked projects with skilled service providers and impact investors, all aimed at accelerating the birth of vibrant, regenerative communities world-wide. 


Join us in this transformational journey as we unite visionaries, creators, doers and investors to build a sustainable and impactful future. The RegenEarth Studio – where talk transforms into action, and dreams take root in the real world.

Training and Skill Building

Living Lab

At its core, our living lab is a nexus, where our diverse members, including project owners, service providers, and impact investors, join forces to turn regenerative real estate and community development dreams into reality. It brings these essential players together to facilitate collaboration, enable knowledge exchange, and catalyze a collective drive for meaningful change and impactful outcomes. In this “DO-tank,” we conduct rigorous design sprints, meticulously vet ideas and projects, and refine implementation teams with cutting-edge, action-oriented tools, practices, accountability, mentorship, and focus. We bridge theory and practice, talk and action, vision and implementation…. fostering innovation, regenerative development, and effective action. Simply put, together we get things done – and we do it exceptionally well.

Nexus Point

Nexus Point

As the orchestrator of transformative connections, we excel in the art of match-making, bringing together visionary land project owners, skilled service providers, and discerning investors who share a common passion for regenerative development. Our studio serves as a dynamic connection space, facilitating the birth of groundbreaking projects that redefine the future of real estate and community development. Here, project owners find the perfect partners to breathe life into their sustainable visions, service providers discover opportunities to showcase their expertise and make a lasting impact, and investors uncover a curated portfolio of regenerative opportunities meticulously vetted for potential. Within our studio, possibilities flourish, synergies thrive, and regenerative dreams find their ideal collaborators—ushering in a new era of purpose-driven development.

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Training &
Skill Building

At the studio knowledge meets action, and innovation finds its true purpose. Our studio is a dynamic hub of learning and growth, where individuals passionate about creating a sustainable future through nature-aligned, land-based projects come to hone their skills and master the art of conscious development. Whether you're an aspiring developer, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a curious soul eager to make a positive impact, our training and skill-building programs offer a comprehensive roadmap.

We cover every essential facet of regenerative real estate development and conscious business practices, equipping you with the tools, insights, and strategies to design, develop, and operate projects that prioritize people, planet, and profit. Our mission is to empower you to shape a world where conscious business is the norm and regenerative real estate is the blueprint for a thriving, sustainable future.

De-Risked Investments

De-Risked Investments

In our cutting-edge studio, innovation extends beyond education and collaboration—it's also embedded in the very fabric of our approach to investment. We've harnessed the power of state-of-the-art vetting and de-risking technologies and processes to empower investors with the tools they need to make informed decisions in the realm of regenerative community and real estate development. Our advanced systems meticulously assess projects, offering investors a clear and comprehensive view of potential opportunities.

We understand that minimizing risk is paramount, and our technology-driven solutions provide a robust framework for evaluating projects, helping investors pinpoint where to confidently allocate their resources. This is the future of conscious investing, where cutting-edge technology meets purpose-driven growth.


Who We Work With

Membership Details

Within the heart of the Studio, the three distinct member groups experience unique journeys. We've meticulously designed our services and tools to cater to the distinct needs and desires of each group at every step of their journey and the roles they play within the regenerative community development process.


All members are welcome to begin their journey at the free Initiation tier, offering access to our expanding library of resources on Regenerative Community Development. This treasure trove includes success stories, white papers, essential definitions, and relevant documents. Initiation members can also join our monthly skill-building, training, and networking calls, as well as attend Studio Convergences at an exclusive member price. 


From there each group enters a highly customized member experience.

How We Collaborate

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The Studio will host iterative Convergences (aka DO-tanks) where visionaries and doers unite, both in person and virtually, to work on and co-create regenerative communities and real estate projects. 


Virtual Hub

Our online platform is the digital heartbeat of collaboration, where information flows freely, connections are forged, and innovative ideas take root.

Come meet fellow collaborators, access learning resources, and join in the conversation. The Hub is always open, 24 / 7 / 365. 



Every project here receives the guidance of high-level Mentors and advisors, ensuring a nurturing, accountable and focused journey through each stage of development. You'll most often find Mentors hanging out in the Hub. Come connect with your Mentor today.


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