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Convergence Two
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RegenEarth Studio Convergences are dynamic, iterative experiences, blending in-person and virtual engagement, that convene seasoned co-creators of the built world in carefully curated, multi-day events.


These gatherings harness the collective power of real estate and community building project owners and visionaries, impact investors, and skilled implementation experts, proficient at every stage of regenerative community development – from crafting business plans and biomimetic site designs to funding projects, managing site construction and the establishment of permaculture gardens.


They seamlessly combine design sprints and intensive work sessions with enriching educational and social interactions. These events are also a platform for high-level mentorship, all working toward the common goal of advancing viable projects swiftly. Through this approach, we aim to significantly boost the number of impactful and resilient regenerative communities worldwide.

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What You Will Experience

Our Convergences are immersive, multi-day experiences designed to ignite the spark of transformation in the realm of regenerative community projects. Here's what you can anticipate:

Why It Matters

A RegenEarth Studio Convergence isn't just another event; it's a catalyst for profound change. Here's why it's essential for you:

In essence, a RegenEarth Studio Convergence is where dreams meet action, where ideas become projects, and where a community of changemakers comes together to shape a more sustainable future. Join us, and let's turn visions into realities.

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