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What You Need

Preparation Toolset for Convergence

This is the place to find all of the info required to prepare you for your time at Convergence events and for your journey through the RegenEarth Studio. Please review and utilize each of the categories below for the best experience and your greatest chance of success.


Project Criteria Self-Assessment Form

This step aids in assessing the current phase of your project and assists in establishing a project baseline. These criteria are also used during the Collective Voting Process at Convergence events. They also serve as a precursor to a more comprehensive Matrix that will provide guidance to projects passing through our incubator. As a whole, this helps us understand the level of support you may require. Projects at various development stages will be submitted, and your current stage does not determine whether your project will be among the those selected for Convergence events and the RegenEarth Studio Incubator.

Presentation Guide

This resource is designed to help you create a compelling and effective initial presentation at Convergence events and act as a guideline leading to your final stakeholder presentations.
We know that giving presentations can be nerve-racking. Please remember that presentations given at Convergence events are not considered to be a formal 'pitch'. Instead, consider them an opportunity to accurately reflect the current status of the development of your project. Regardless of your status, please know, the Studio is designed to support you at every step of your journey.

Polar Bears
Humpback Whales

RegenEarth Hub Onboarding

Everyone who has officially submitted a project for a Convergence or the RegenEarth Studio Incubator has the option of placing any material, documentation, or general information they want to be publicly displayed to other attendees in their own RegenEarth Hub Room. 
Doing so allows greater visibility, collaboration and feedback for projects entering the RegenEarth Studio ecosystem.
A member of the RegenEarth team will assist each project in this onboarding process. Please visit the RegenEarth Hub, locate a Team member in the space, and learn more about the space and how you can leverage its many features and benefits.

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